Teaching you how to analyse your data, and create research with impact, to help you take your career to the next level

I see you over there staring at the data on your screen and wondering what the frig you’re meant to do with it now!

When you stop and think about it you’ve been working towards this moment for years

You’re so close to finally feeling like something you’ve created is having that positive impact on people’s health and wellbeing

You figured out which research area you really, really want to focus on

You designed the study, got the funding, pulled your hair out trying to actually deliver the study to plan

And now you’ve FINALLY got your data and you’re so very close to getting the results, publishing them and getting your name out there


You don’t really know how to do the analysis

Okay, if you’re honest, you’re going round in circles because you keep deciding a way forward, and then changing your mind, because you’re not sure you’ve done the analysis right and you really don’t want to mess this up

Even though you did that stats module in your degree and you really feel like you probably should know how to do this by now

And then there’s that same colleague you always go to that is starting to look maybe just a tiny bit frustrated

So how can we get you back on track?

What you want to be doing is focussing your energy on developing your own research area, right?

You want to be able to analyse your data confidently and make sure that what you’re doing is going to have a positive impact

Then you want to be able to talk about the results safe in the knowledge that they’re correct

I know you can do that…

I can picture you now stood confidently presenting your results at a conference and taking that next step to changing people’s health for the better

I hope you can picture that too

I’ll guide you through completing your data analysis, so that you can be confident that your analysis is right and walk away with new research skills for life

I know statistics that can feel a bit scary

But I promise they’re not

And as we go through that step-by-step process you’ll feel your confidence build and have the results to show for it

You love what you do and you’re good at it, but statistics is a sticking point for you

Let me help you to complete the next step on your research journey

We recently made use Danielle’s expertise on new statistical methods which were previously unfamiliar to us. From our first contact with Danielle, her depth of statistical knowledge was immediately clear. However, we were particularly impressed with Danielle’s ability to convey this knowledge in a simple manner which was easy to understand. Additionally, Danielle was quick to respond, friendly and able to adapt her expert advice to suit our needs.  Working with Danielle was extremely helpful, and I would highly recommend her services to others.

Scott Willis, Research Associate at Loughborough University

How does it work?

We’ll work together for 3 months and over this time I will…

  • Help you to get crystal clear on your research questions
  • Translate that into analysis steps with you
  • Guide you on how to work through those steps on regular 1-2-1 video calls with email support in between
  • Walk you through how to present and interpret your findings

You’ll also get access to my ‘Which statistical test should I choose?’ guide and ‘Linear Regression Masterclass’ as a special bonus

(Psst…on a tight deadline? Switch to an intensive package and we’ll squeeze the same amount of content in to a shorter time frame so that you can deliver on time)

During our time working together, you’ll also start to work through your fear of numbers and blocks that you have around your ability to do this type of thing

Investing in yourself and having dedicated time to work on it also helps you to stay on track and not be distracted by all of the other tasks that you need to do

The consultation was perfect for my situation given I have good command of the statistical software SPSS and a good grasp of statistics but needed guidance on the approach to take and confidence in the statistical tests I was to apply in order to correctly answer the research questions in hand with the data I had. If you are looking for credible advice that ultimately saves you time, provides you with clarity and confidence in your outputs whilst being upskilled along the way this is absolutely the service you need! Danielle creates a safe environment for asking all those questions you feel scared to ask…they are answered in a really supportive and easy to understand way again leading to you upskilling.

Dr Emer Brady, Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Leicester

All of the consultancy time is with me, Danielle.

I have years of research and teaching experience (sshhh, I’m an escaped academic!)

You can find out more about me here

I have been so impressed with Danielle’s breadth of knowledge and expertise. Her advice has been rooted in an exceptional statistical knowledge, but also very practical in application, which isn’t always the easiest balance to strike! She is able to explain difficult concepts with ease. In addition to all of this she is reliable, enthusiastic and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Isabelle Fielding, Director & Principal Consultant of The Dragonfly Consultancy