Linear Regression Masterclass


Get a real understanding of how linear regression works and change how you analyse data for ever


Okay, so I know I’m a statistician but I LOVE linear regression!

It’s the key to unlock nearly everything that you need when it comes to analysing data for your research study.


Master linear regression and you’re well on the journey to being able to answer any research question that you can come up with.

If you avoid fitting a regression model and opt instead to spend your time faffing about trying to decide if you should be using ANOVA, ANCOVA or MANOVA then this masterclass is for you.


In this 2-hour masterclass, we’ll cover all of the most important parts of linear regression

This includes when and how to use it, how to choose the right model, and how to interpret and present the results.

This class is amazing value – I used to teach all of this to postgraduate research students so you know you’ll be getting quality content.

As with everything, my aim is to make things simple for you to take away the confusion and leave you feeling empowered to go out and conquer your analysis!

At the end of it, you’ll feel confident to use and talk about linear regression, instead of having our old friend imposter syndrome nagging at you every time the topic comes up.


The masterclass will be on Wednesday 28th October 1-3PM GMT.

Sign up closes on Monday 26th October at 5pm GMT so book your place using the form at the bottom of this page now!


This is what we’ll cover…

Before you start

Learn the important theory behind linear regression and when you should use linear regression

(Don’t worry if theory sounds scary! This is a couple of key concepts that will set you up well for using linear regression with your own data all presented with easy-to-understand examples)


Fitting the model

Learn how to fit and interpret a linear regression model with one or more terms


Choosing the right model 

Find out about different approaches to selecting your model and understand when to use each one.


Presenting your results

Avoid common errors with presenting linear regression results and learn how to display the important information effectively.

We’ll cover which output to take from statistical packages and how to present it well in a table.

I’ll also give you a structure for writing the results in a sentence so that you can practice confidently explaining what the results mean.


This masterclass is for you if…

You’re a health or medical researcher with an idea of how to do basic analysis (summary statistics, t-tests etc)

You want to do your own analysis, instead of having to rely on other people

You feel overwhelmed when it comes to doing analysis because you don’t know which method you’re supposed to be using

You’re fed up of reading all the blogs and watching all the YouTube videos and just want to get this figured out once and for all!


This masterclass is not for you if…

You use linear regression on a regular basis and are confident with how to do that and present the results

You’re looking for help with interactions, non-linear terms, assessing model fit, or checking assumptions. There’s only so much we can cram into 2 hours so these will be covered in an advanced class coming in 2021.


What you get…

2-hour masterclass on Wednesday 28th October 1-3PM GMT via Zoom led by an experienced medical statistician and trainer (please note that this will be recorded)

Recording of the class

A copy of the slides

All for just £45


Want in? Sign up now using the form at the bottom of this page.



I really want to do this but I can’t make the live on the 28th October?

It would be great to see you live if you can as then you’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions, but everybody who signs up will receive a recording of the masterclass.

So if you can’t attend live then you can still sign up and then watch the recording at a time that suits you.


What if I can’t keep up with the session?

The masterclass will be jam-packed with useful stuff but I’ll go through it at a pace that will suit most people. I used to be a Lecturer so I’ve taught these topics to hundreds of students and I’ve also got a teaching qualification.

BUT I’m not interested in blinding you with science. I really, really want you to properly understand this so the emphasis will be on the practical side of actually using linear regression and what it means.

Everybody will receive a recording of the session and the slides after the masterclass so if you really can’t keep up (even though this is unlikely!) then you’ll be able to go back over the content at your own pace.


Will this still be suitable if I’m not in a health or medial research field?

The masterclass is aimed at health and medical researchers so all of the examples will be health-based.

But the principles are the same for any field so you should be able to apply this to any research field, so long as you don’t mind the medical examples!


Will I be able to ask questions?

Yes! There will be lots of opportunities to ask questions as we go along.


Will I be able to get a refund?

You can get a full refund minus administrative charges up to the doors closing date (Monday 26th October at 5pm GMT). After that time, refunds will not be available.


I have a question that isn’t answered here?

Email me on and ask away!


I really look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 28th October 1-3PM GMT so that you can nail linear regression!