If you need help with your research and feel unsure how to start it or move it forward then the Simplified Data packages can help.

You’ll get the one-to-one expert guidance that you need for your specific research project. Plus you get upskilled at the same time as you’ll learn how to robustly carry out your project yourself.

You’re probably thinking that you can’t afford training which is why you’ve spent hours browsing the web for tutorials and watching outdated YouTube training videos. Hey, I get it. I love a freebie too. I’ve even created some.

Help with literature review

But have you ever worked out your own hourly rate? All that teaching yourself and taking wrong turns can be a false economy.

Instead, if we work together then you can get help with your research project to move it forward at the pace you want, whilst feeling confident that you’re getting it right.

So you can get good research completed faster, publish more, and move your career forward.

The Mini Package

Perfect if…

You’ve got a good idea about how to properly carry out your project, but need some guidance on a specific part of it. Maybe you don’t know how to collect your data, how to analyse it, or how to write up your results. I can help with that.

You’ll get…

The support you need to move past your block quickly and confidently.

  • We’ll have two consultancy sessions via phone/video where I’ll coach you through the part of your project that you’re stuck with. These are usually 2-weeks apart.
  • Unlimited email support for brief questions throughout the package.

Total cost…


We recently made use of a mini package supplied by Simplified Data to consult Danielle’s expertise on new statistical methods which were previously unfamiliar to us. From our first contact with Danielle, her depth of statistical knowledge was immediately clear. However, we were particularly impressed with Danielle’s ability to convey this knowledge in a simple manner which was easy to understand. Additionally, Danielle was quick to respond, friendly and able to adapt her expert advice to suit our needs.  Working with Danielle was extremely helpful, and I would highly recommend her services to others.

Scott Willis, Research Associate at Loughborough University

The Ultimate Package

Perfect if…

You want support from the planning stage of your project through to completion.

You’ll get…

Complete guidance on completing your research project with support to move past any issues and next steps to ensure you finish with a quality write-up of your paper. We’ll work together for 12-weeks. During that time…

  • We’ll have a consultancy session via phone/video every other week where I’ll coach you through the research and statistical parts of your project
  • I’ll critically review one document for you. This is usually a protocol but could be a data collection form, paper etc.
  • You’ll have unlimited email support for brief questions throughout the package.

Personalise your package…

  • On a tight deadline? Switch to a 6-week package and we’ll have weekly consultancy sessions instead for the same price.
  • If you’d like me to do the statistics for you, instead of teaching you how to do them yourself, then we can upgrade your package to make that happen.

Total cost… £900

I recently worked with Danielle on a project where we both had been contracted as consultants – Danielle as consultant statistician and myself as Project Leader. I have been so impressed with Danielle’s breadth of knowledge and expertise. Her advice has been rooted in an exceptional statistical knowledge, but also very practical in application, which isn’t always the easiest balance to strike! She is able to explain difficult concepts with ease, and has excellent attention to detail. In addition to all of this she is reliable, enthusiastic and an absolute pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend Danielle as a consultant, she would be a fantastic asset to any team!

Isabelle Fielding, Director & Principal Consultant of The Dragonfly Consultancy

All of the consultancy time is with me, Danielle. I have years of research and teaching experience (sshhh, I’m an escaped academic!)

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